Claim up to $20 with our Welcome Bonus!


New to ChatRecruit? Well, you’ve joined at the perfect time! Because all new creators will now receive a Welcome bonus of £/$/10 added straight into their accounts.

Want to claim another £/$10 bonus? Activate your additional fan page to claim an extra £/$10 bonus! You’ll find both bonuses in your earnings section as soon as you sign up.

Think of it as a gift from us to help you get off to a great start! Once you hit £/$60 on both profiles, you’ll be able to cash out with your £/$20 bonus.

Not activated your accounts yet? Here are a few ideas to help you get started:


1) Perfect your profile page

Add a profile photo and write a bio that tells fans who you are and what they can expect to see if they subscribe. A well-written bio is important to set the tone of your page!
2) Post some content

Create fresh content or put some of your unused content to use. Share behind-the-scenes cuts, sneak peaks, teasers, or extra content you haven’t posted anywhere yet. Find out what your fans like and build from there.
3) Promote yourself

You can’t bring your fans with you if they don’t know where to find you. Let your followers know you’re now on Chatrecruit, by pasting links to your page in your bios and posting on all your socials.


Get posting and promoting to cash out your £/$20 Welcome bonuses!
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