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Take your glamour modelling career to the next level. Register for adult TV work with Chatrecruit today. With connections to some of the best UK babe channels, we help models of all levels break onto the television scene.

Why register for adult TV work with Chatrecruit?

  • No experience needed

    It doesn't matter if you've never been on screen before. We welcome any new or elite glamour model looking for TV work.

  • Exciting work and pay

    Register with us and your details will go to leading UK channels, offering the best rates and hours in the industry.

  • Big career opportunities

    Previous adult TV stars have gone on to appear in music videos, reality TV, and even Hollywood movies. Become the next success story.

Who are we looking for?

We've helped models of all shapes, sizes, and abilities land TV jobs with the best-known babe stations. Rest assured that there's no registration fees or experience required to join us.

You just need to be:

  1. Chatty

    You need to be fun, flirty, and (most importantly) talkative to get TV viewers to pick up the phone and stay on the line.

  2. Glamorous

    Ideally, we're looking for models aged 18 - 34, that take pride in their appearance and know how to take care of themselves.

  3. Confident

    You need to be comfortable performing in front of the camera - and potentially being spotted on screen by friends or family members.

Getting started

Think you're perfect for TV?

For your chance to be our next top TV glamour girl, register with Chatrecruit now.

We'll guide you through every step of our application process. Your application will reach adult channels that broadcast daily on Sky, on Freeview, and online.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where's your TV studio?

      London, UK. It's easily accessed by public transport and car. But if you have a high quality webcam, good internet connection and lighting, you may be able to apply for remote work from home.

    • What kinds of adult shows will I present?

      Our channels air flirty daytime shows, plus evening shows featuring some topless nudity. You can choose to host daytime shows, night shows, or both.

    • Can I earn from adult phone and cam work, too?

      Yes. When you register with Chatrecruit, just tick all the chat services you'd like to provide. Our TV chat hosts can earn a lot from phone and cam chat, thanks to the exposure they get on TV.

Enter the world of Babe TV Work with ChatRecruit. Glamour modelling has evolved venturing into the dynamic realm of adult television channels. At ChatRecruit, we serve as the launchpad for models aiming to make their mark in this electrifying industry. Our platform acts as a liaison between models and the best UK babe channels, providing a gateway to showcase talent, personality, and style on national television. So, sign up if you think you have what it takes to join the best of UK babe channels today! Find an adult TV job today!

Television offers a unique platform for models to engage with audiences in real-time, transcending the boundaries of static imagery. This medium allows models not only to display physical attractiveness but also to establish genuine connections with viewers, leveraging charisma and confidence to captivate audiences. Success in adult TV work demands more than just physical appearance. It requires dedication, professionalism, and a commitment to personal growth. ChatRecruit facilitates this journey by offering resources, training, and connections to established channels. Our focus extends beyond glamour; we prioritize equipping models with the skills needed to thrive in the competitive television industry.

Standing out in this field means more than just being visually appealing. It involves honing a distinct on-screen persona that resonates with audiences. ChatRecruit empowers models to cultivate their individuality and charm, guiding them to create a captivating presence that sets them apart.

We recognize the importance of prioritizing models' well-being in an industry as demanding as adult entertainment. ChatRecruit fosters a supportive environment that emphasises safety, professionalism, and personal boundaries. Our commitment lies in ensuring models feel empowered and secure as they pursue their aspirations in this competitive field. Joining ChatRecruit opens doors to growth and success in the adult TV modelling industry. Our platform provides models with the chance to evolve their careers by embracing the excitement of live broadcasts, interacting with diverse audiences, and building their personal brand on reputable channels.

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