Phone Chat Jobs
Make money from phone sex and adult chat

Forget a regular 9 -5 job. Be your own boss with Chatrecruit. Get paid to satisfy callers from the comfort of home whenever suits you.

Why choose Chatrecruit for phone chat work?

  • No joining fees

    Start your own adult call business for free and make money on your own terms.

  • Regular calls

    We'll direct paying callers straight to you, so you can stay busy when you want to be.

  • Fast cash

    Earn for every minute of every call and cash out weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

What do I need to become an adult chat host?

Whether you're new to the industry or a top call girl, it's easy to make money from home with Chatrecruit. All you need is:

  1. A great personality

    Experience is great, but not essential. We only care that you're fun, chatty, and confident enough to excite customers over the phone.

  2. A quiet spot to work

    Limited on space? Not a problem. Just pick a small room or area of your house that's quiet, so you can answer calls without distractions.

  3. A phone

    Work on your landline, mobile, or both. If you're taking calls only on landline, just remember that you'll need another device with internet connection, too.


How to provide great phone sex

Since Chatrecruit launched in 2008, we've amassed thousands of customers on our adult chat sites and apps. And we've learnt exactly what they're looking for when it comes to phone sex!

Here are a few tips for new adult chat hosts getting started. Rest assured that you'll have access to even more expert advice once you've registered.

  • Perfect your voice

    Callers can't see you. So, to be good at your phone sex job, you need to be able to get callers excited using nothing but your voice. Work on finding a tone or persona that gets results.

  • Learn to enjoy roleplay

    Don't be surprised if customers want phone sex with a fantasy nurse, teacher, or doctor. Getting into character is a great way to keep your job fun and make sure customers stay on the line.

  • Avoid background noise

    Nothing kills the mood like the sound of a TV, radio, or alarm. That's why it's important to work somewhere quiet, so customers can focus on what you're saying.
  • Remember your callers

    Our platform allows you to safely build relationships with callers. Get to know the likes and dislikes of your regulars. If you're like most chat hosts, you'll make the majority of your money from repeat customers.

Excited to start taking calls?

Register now as an adult chat and phone sex host. You could be earning from calls before the end of the day!


Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do you accept phone chat hosts from outside the UK?

      Yes. You just need to be able to chat in English.

    • Can I stay anonymous when working?

      Yes. We'll never share your real name or personal details with customers.

    • What if I don't have a landline phone?

      That's not a problem. Our chat hots can work on their landline, mobile, or both.

    • Can I earn from webcam chat, too?

      Yes. Just tick all the chat services you want to provide when you register with us.