Psychic Chat Jobs
Earn from phone and text readings with Chatrecruit

From tarot and angel card readers to clairvoyants and mediums, join hundreds of psychics using their gift to make money from home.

Why psychics choose Chatrecruit?

  • Flexible Work

    Make psychic chat work fit around your life, by picking your own hours.

  • Great Money

    Choose your own rates and get paid for every phone and text reading.

  • 24/7 Support

    Build your chat business quickly and safely, with full support from us.

What we look for in psychic chat hosts

It doesn't matter what kind of psychic you are. Chatrecruit helps astrologers, clairvoyants, and all manner of fortune tellers earn on our psychic chatline and text app. All you need is...

  1. Confidence

    Our platform can connect you with thousands of paying customers from around the world. So, it's important you enjoy and feel confident chatting to lots of different people on the phone.

  2. Psychic ability

    You don't need any experience as a chatline operator to join us. But you do need experience using your psychic gift or divination tools - even if that just means you've practiced on family and friends.

  3. Motivation

    You get to work as your own boss on our platform. So, if you want to be as successful as our top psychic chat hosts, you need to be able to motivate yourself.

Getting started

Working as a psychic chatline operator

Want to do something rewarding with your gift? As a psychic chat host with us, you'll get make a real difference to your callers' lives. Provide people with...

  • Love and relationship advice

    Guide callers on their journey in finding true love. Or help them bring out the best in their existing relationships.

  • Help with careers

    Advise callers on how to reach their work life goals, so they can achieve a more fulfilling and financially stable future.

  • Horoscopes and birth charts

    If you're an astrologist, interpret the positions of the stars and planets to help people understand themselves and their future.
  • Spiritual and life advice

    Use your spiritual healing powers to awaken callers and inspire them to reach their full potential.

Ready to earn as a psychic chat host?

Register with Chatrecruit today. Realise the financial and emotional benefits of helping callers from around the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is it free to register and start earning?

      Yes. We just take a small percentage of whatever you make.

    • How much can I earn as a psychic?

      Our psychics choose their own hours and variable chat rates. So, how much you earn is up to you. Work more hours when you need more cash.

    • Do you accept psychics from outside the UK?

      Yes. There might be restrictions in your country. But register and we'll let you know what's possible.

    • Will customers see my real name?

      No. We let you choose your own psychic profile name, so you can stay anonymous.

Psychic chat line host and tarot reader jobs with Psychics Live are available now with ChatRecruit! Welcome to a realm where your unique gifts become a catalyst for transformation. At ChatRecruit, we invite you to embark on an enchanting journey as a Psychic Chatline Operator, where your intuition and empathic abilities will shine as guiding beacons in the lives of many. Psychics can make money working from home on their own schedule.  Tarot readers also have endless opportunities with us.

Dive into the intricate tapestry of love and relationships, where your heartfelt guidance transcends the ordinary. With your empathic touch, foster deeper connections and aid in healing, illuminating paths toward fulfilling and harmonious partnerships. Join us to be the beacon of light for those navigating the complexities of the heart.

Empower individuals in their career quests, uncovering hidden opportunities and providing guidance that aligns with their passions. Your intuitive wisdom will be the compass directing them towards not just professional success but also a profound sense of fulfilment. At ChatRecruit, your insights pave the way for brighter career paths.

Unlock the celestial mysteries through personalized horoscopes and birth charts. Offer tailored insights that unravel the cosmic blueprint of one's life, empowering callers with a deeper understanding of their inherent strengths, personality traits, and potential paths. Your cosmic revelations will be the guiding stars for those seeking clarity and direction.

Beyond the tangible, delve into the spiritual realm. Offer life advice that transcends the mundane, guiding individuals through transformative moments. Your empathic guidance nurtures souls, fostering growth and resilience. Join us to make a difference on a spiritual level.

Tarot reader jobs with ChatRecruit offer an immersive opportunity to explore the mystical realms of divination and insight. As a tarot reader, you'll wield the ancient wisdom of tarot cards to decipher the hidden messages of the universe, guiding individuals through the intricacies of life's journey. Your role isn't just about interpreting cards; it's about offering profound insights, tapping into the subconscious, and unveiling pathways toward clarity and understanding. Each tarot reading becomes a transformative experience, providing seekers with a deeper understanding of their situations, inner strengths, and potential paths. It's a chance to connect on a spiritual level, offering guidance and perspective that transcends the ordinary, fostering empowerment and illumination for those seeking answers and direction.

Becoming a Tarot Reader or Psychic Chatline Operator at ChatRecruit isn't just a career—it's an odyssey of personal and professional growth. Enhance your communication skills, deepen your understanding of human nature, and enrich your life through diverse and meaningful interactions. Each conversation is an opportunity to learn and grow in this enchanting universe of insights. Your integrity, honesty, and compassionate approach will lay the foundation for trust and enduring relationships. At ChatRecruit, we value authenticity, creating a safe and genuine space for callers to embark on their personal journeys alongside you.

Embrace this fulfilling journey where your extraordinary gifts make a profound difference. As a psychic chatline host with ChatRecruit, help individuals discover love, success, and spiritual fulfilment. Become a catalyst for positive change, guiding others towards a brighter, more empowered future—one conversation at a time. ChatRecruit's psychic chat role isn't just a job—it's a calling. It's an opportunity to use your unique abilities to guide and uplift those seeking clarity and direction. Your impact is immeasurable as you pave the way for individuals to discover their true paths, navigating life's intricacies with newfound confidence and understanding. Join us at ChatRecruit as a live psychic and be a part of this extraordinary journey today!