Phone Chat Tips For Making More Cash!

Any good phone host who works on ChatRecruit will tell you that it takes dedication and enthusiasm to keep callers coming back for more, and create new regulars! This doesn’t just mean you should log on for as many hours as possible – hosts need to provide quality performances in order to earn the best rates per call.

Being prepared is key! Whether you plan to log on for one or three hours you need to ensure  that you are feeling fresh and have a good imagination. Customers will always be able to tell when a host is giving 100% to their calls – listen to them, and ask them questions about their fantasies as it helps them paint a picture of fun with you!


You may get customers who are new to phone chat and perhaps a little nervous, in which case you should take the lead and ask them some questions that will help you understand what they might be looking for! Maybe tell them what excites you and encourage them to be open about their thoughts.

Hopefully you will start building a group of regular callers, which is ideal! Many of our hosts make little notes on their regulars to make sure that they are prepared, and it makes the customer feel extra special to be remembered!


We suggest that hosts treat every call like a hot blind date! Get to know each other at the start of the call rather than launch into raunchy chat straight away, create the right atmosphere with teasing and flirting. Once you feel you have a better idea of what the caller is looking for it might then be time to get more intimate! It is important to make the caller feel wanted and excited, as this means they are more likely to call you again!

Don’t be afraid to let your imagination go when you have a good rapport with a caller, this is how you are going to build your own confidence, feel sexy, truly enjoy your calls, and get paid great rates for it!


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