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Getting Started on Voice calls

Here's all you need to know to get started on Webcam

New to Voice calls?

Before you log on you should ensure that you:

  • Make sure that your environment is quiet.
  • Get relaxed and in the mood – make yourself comfortable.
  • Once you are logged on do not take personal calls on another phone.

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The rules

It's important to learn what is and isn't allowed on Voice calls. If you consistently break the rules, you will be suspended or even removed from the service.

  • Not talking to anyone that you believe to be under 18, or acting out fantasies in which you or the user are under 18.
  • Do not exchange personal information with your caller
  • Do not ask callers pay or join services other than our sites

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Voice call rates & earnings

Next you probably want to learn about how you get paid! Here's a brief overview:

  • We pay hosts according to their experience level. As your performance improves, so will your pay.
  • When a voice call session ends, your earnings are updated with the time and rate for that session
  • If you offer Psychic service, you may have the option to choose your own rates before you logon.


What it's like when you get a call

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Finally, how to connect to Voice calls

There's a few steps you must complete before you can logon:

Follow our Step by step guide on how to logon Voice calls

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