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Getting started on Cam Chat

Here's all you need to know to get started on Webcam

First time on Cam?

We recommend dedicating a few hours to familiarise yourself with how to go on cam and chat to customers

Before you log on you should ensure that you:

  • Look presentable - Good hair and make up, and not sitting in scruffy clothing
  • Have good lighting - Check the preview in your cam room before going online
  • Have toys & outfits to hand - This includes heels, boots, stockings, and sex toys if you have any

Whether you're new to Chatrecruit or new to camming, it's important to learn what is and isn't allowed on Cam. If you consistently break the rules, you will be suspended or even removed from the service.

The basic rules

  • Not talking to anyone that you believe to be under 18, or acting out fantasies in which you or the user are under 18. (If you believe that your guest is underage, please disconnect from your chatroom immediately and inform the Chat Admin Team.)
  • No exchange of personal details - this includes email, phone numbers, addresses, or social media links
  • No redirecting of users to other sites and services

Please read our webcam rules & regulations

Cam rates & earnings

Next you probably want to learn about how you get paid! Here's a brief overview:

  • We pay hosts according to their experience level. As your performance improves, so will your pay.
  • When a cam session ends, your earnings are updated with the time, rate and type of cam show show for that session
  • You can change your cam rates when you are logged onto cam

Cam Shows

Each model can choose between any of the following cam shows:

  • Group chat (chat to multiple users at the same time)
  • Private chat (chat to 1 user whilst multiple users watch)
  • Exclusive (1-on-1 chat)

You can also:

  • Offer Free Previews to attract more customers
  • Enable Spy Mode when you want to perform without talking to customers

Learn more about cam shows


Finally, how to connect to Cam

Follow our Step by step guide on how to go on cam


If you did not find an answer to your question you can contact us for more information.