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Upload an Intro video

These are for web-cam hosts only, and is a tame video snippet to encourage potential guests to connect to the host's web-cam chat-room! 

You do not get paid when a customer views your Video Teaser. However you do get paid for Private Videos

Video Teasers must:

  • Be TAME only - so you can be dressed in sexy lingerie (ideally in panties, NOT a thong)
  • Be 30 seconds long

Please ensure that:

  • You look presentable on your Video Teaser (hair and make-up)
  • Your background environment is clean, tidy and free of any personal effects (photos, teddybears, etc)
  • You do not have any unnecessary noise in the background, though you are free to speak in a TAME manner to encourage guests into your room
  • You are NOT playing any commercial music in the background

All Video Teasers are moderated, and they will be rejected if they are deemed inappropriate for the site.

How to record a Video Teaser

On your personal admin page go to ADULT PROFILE, then ADULT VIDEOS.

You will be able to record a new video profile by clicking on the RECORD NEW button on the page, or you can UPLOAD your own video file.

Once your video teaser has been moderated by our team it should show on the site within one working day.

If you did not find an answer to your question you can contact us for more information.