Taking a leap into camming!

So you’re thinking of taking the big step and joining the world of cams? ‘How to get into camming’ is starting to become a pretty popular search term at the moment and the industry is growing with more and more women seeking out the freedom to work from home.


So what should you consider before getting into camming? Here are our top 5 things to consider before getting into camming.


1 Be confident in yourself

Hosts have to be comfortable in their own skin, be imaginative, and want to entertain!  Body confidence is key – and that doesn’t mean you have to have model proportions! Customers who come to view camgirls are into a variety of activities, kinks, and looks. So don’t doubt yourself! Sexual confidence and being original with your sexy ideas is what will keep customers coming back to you.


2 There’s nothing techie or complicated about it

You don’t have to be confined to using a big desktop computer in order to broadcast! On our Xpanded services you have the freedom to use a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone  to work on cams. All you need to do is ensure your cam stream and internet speed is of a high quality!


3 You are your own boss

It’ll sound like a cliché but the sky genuinely is the limit when it comes to your potential earnings on cams! Your personality and enthusiasm are what will keep customers coming back solely for you! Regular earnings come from commitment – logging on consistently, making an effort in your appearance, and being welcoming to all customers, old and new! Engaging with your customers is super important – look bored and you can guarantee they will move on to someone else! Being on cams is about showing off your sexuality, being open to fantasies, and letting customers indulge. You can choose the rate that you want to earn per minute, and can make yourself available for all sorts of shows! Customers can also pre-book you for a block of time where you are automatically pay the highest rate available per minute. So as you can see – you have flexibility and limitless earning potential!


4 You will never have to do anything you’re not comfortable with

Your personality and enthusiasm are what will keep customers coming back.There might be a few things you don’t want to do on cams and that is fine – you should never do anything you are uncomfortable with. However your profile should showcase what you do want to offer customers and give your best every time!
5 Get people to notice you

It’s all about how you promote yourself!  You want potential customers to feel inspired and excited to pay for your shows, and this means you need to put effort into how you present yourself, otherwise they will move onto another host.

–  Good quality photos! Customers are very visual so you want to ensure you have plenty of good photos of yourself.
– Video teasers! They go a long way to encourage new traffic to your paid shows!  This is just a short little intro where you are showing yourself off in a teasing manner.
– Words matter!  Make what you offer customers very clear in your profile! Do you use toys, dress up, indulge in role play and fantasies? If so, tell them! Some customers have specific tastes so don’t be afraid to be open and let them know what excites you too.

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