UK Time:
  • What equipment do I need to work from home as a phone chat operator?
  • What equipment do I need to work as a model on web-cam chat?
  • Can I use a mobile phone to take calls?
  • I have made an application and you have asked for a copy of my ID, why?
  • Why do you request Photo IDs?
  • When and how do I get paid?
  • What are the rates of pay?
  • Am I required to work specific hours or times of day?
  • Do I need to know how to use a PC and the internet to work as a chat host on your services?
  • Do you recruit Web-Cam Hosts and Phone Chat Operators from outside of the UK?
  • Do I have to provide phone AND webcam services if I become a host?
  • How do you pay your hosts?
  • Do you recruit male hosts?
  • I am thinking of applying for Psychic Chat, do I need experience?
  • Can I provide psychic phone chat services alone?
  • Can I do Flirty Chat alone?
  • Is there any trolling involved in the phone chat work?
  • Do the callers have access to my personal information or my telephone number?
  • If I was successful in becoming a host would I be an employee?
  • Is there an alternative way of sending my ID to you?
  • I have submitted my application, what happens next?
  • How do I know my details are safe with you?
  • I am a web-cam studio Manager; can I register my studio with your company?

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